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Ireti Osayemi – ‘If You Are Sexy, You Would Look Lovely Regardless Of What You Are Wearing”

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Ireti Osayemi – ‘If You Are Sexy, You Would Look Lovely Regardless Of What You Are Wearing”

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Nollywood actress, Ireti Osayemi, is one of the most fashionable Yoruba actresses. In this interesting chat, she talks about her personal fashion preferences, her fashion weaknesses and shares some fashion tips.

Read excerpts from her interview with Punch.

What are some of those fashion tips you adhere to n this hot weather?

I make sure that I keep my face oil free because of sweating in this weather and it could cause my skin to break out. To avoid skin break out, you need to wash your face regularly.

Also, I watch the kind of hairdo I make. I would not want to make a hairstyle that I would be scratching in public, that could be embarrassing and irritating too. I make styles that allow for a free flow of air in my hair. I also do short hairstyles, I make sure I don’t have hair at the back of my neck or on my shoulder.

You hardly wear short skirts, why?

It is because of my background. My mother would never allow you to expose your body. I don’t feel comfortable in them. I would not like a situation whereby I would be sitting down but I would need to pull my skirt down at intervals. I would not want to go through that stress because I would not be comfortable in my own skin. I would rather put on something that I know I am okay in.

But some people believe that when it comes to dresses, the ‘shorter the better.’

I don’t agree with such school of thought. If you are sexy, you would look lovely regardless of what you are wearing.

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Has motherhood changed your fashion sense in any way?

No, I don’t believe so. Maybe if I used to put on short things, I would have changed by now because my children are a bit mouthy and if you put on something short, they would ask me the reason behind my choice of attire. The moment you can’t defend what you are doing, then it becomes a problem.

So your children are your fashion police?

Yes they are. My daughter would say, ‘mummy why is your trousers this long?’ and if you tell her it is fashionable to wear something long, tomorrow she would want to wear something long as well. If I decide to put on bum shorts and I don’t want my daughter to put on bum shorts, how do I tell her not to do so?

What is your fashion weakness?

I love shoes, especially shoes with high heels. I feel more comfortable putting on shoes with high heels. When I was younger, my mother would say, ‘the higher your heels, the higher your confidence.’ She used to believe that when you put on shoes with high heels, it gives you some confidence and you can walk with your head high up.

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