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How To Fix Broken, Crushed Or Melted Lipstick


How To Fix Broken, Crushed Or Melted Lipstick

A broken, crushed or melted lipstick happens to even the most careful among us. Instead of discarding it or simply mourning it’s loss, you can still save it. With some careful crafting, cutting, or melting, you can restore the color not entirely to its former glory, but something that closely resembles it. The guide below will show you exactly how to do that.

If Your Lipstick Melted

In this scenario, the first thing to do is pop the lipstick into the freezer and let it set so that you can accurately assess the damage. Should it more or less maintains its original shape, you should be able to use it as is but in the case where it all ends up stuck to the cap, or forms into an unrecognizable shape, you’ll have to repot the product.

Scrape out any product you can, then place it into a small container. Dig out the product hiding in the bottom of the tube, add it to the mix, and either crush or melt the lipstick down within its new space. You can use the metal spoon and candle combo to melt it, or simply place the container into the microwave for a few seconds.

If Your Lipstick Was Broken

For this, start by gathering a tool to scrape (the opposite end of a pair of tweezers can work) and place some of the lipstick, as well as a hair dryer. Give the portion stuck in the tube a quick few seconds under the hair dryer, then press the broken end directly on top so that it sticks. If there are any weird gaps between the two, use the tool to scrape lipstick from the top of the product, and place it in between to patch it up. Blast the area for a few seconds with the hair dryer, sealing in your work, then allow the product to cool down.

If Your Lipstick Was Crushed

Firstly assess just how bad the crushed tube is and salvage what you can. If there is anything left of the stick, cut off the end marred by your belongings, and place the rest into a separate container. Continue removing lipstick from the bottom of the tube (there’s a ton hiding down there, you know), and add that to the container as well. Use either a hair dryer or your microwave to melt the product for about 45 seconds, then allow it to cool down. You can continue applying it with either a lip brush, or your finger.

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