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Feet Care Tips During The Rainy Season


Feet Care Tips During The Rainy Season


Feet care during the rainy season can be hard, the feet gets dirty during rainy seasons because avoiding puddles can be quite difficult. Dirty wet feet can develop problems of itching, stinging and development of fungal and bacterial infection. Below are tips on how to care for your feet during the rainy season.

Keep Them Dry

Make sure to keep your feet dry and ensure that you go out with shoes rather than sandals. Unlike sandals, shoes give your feet full protection because if feet are wet, fungal and bacterial infections are easily spread around.

Avoid Soaking In Rain Water

When your feet gets wet in the rain, wash with water as soon as you get home. Always use antiseptic liquids for your cleaning water.

Foot Scrubbing


When you go to bathing, soak your feet in the water about 10 minutes. Add any soap liquids, shampoo to the water. After 10 minutes wash your feet with the scrubbers made for feet. Finish your bath.

Use Foot Moisturizer

After the feet scrubbing completion, apply any moisturizer to feet. Before you hit the bed, apply moisturiser on your feet. This will help you get rid of the dead skin.

Wear Open Footwear


Heels or closed canvas are not appropriate for rainy season. Open sandals or flip-flops will allow the dirt and water to slip out and the footwear will not get muddy or dirty. Leather or vinyl shoes must be avoided.

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