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Fans React To Ruth Kadiri’s Lingerie Cover For House of Maliq’s Latest Edition

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Fans React To Ruth Kadiri’s Lingerie Cover For House of Maliq’s Latest Edition

Ruth Kadiri.1

Nollywood actress, Ruth Kadiri, is one of the cover stars for House of Maliq’s latest Edition.

The gorgeous screen goddess however set her social media page on fire rocking nothing but a 2 piece lingerie on the lifestyle magazine cover.

  • dopest_collectionSo beautiful
  • beshpretty@ruthkadiri OMG #faboulous
  • chatwithsophia. Bbz you are dope👌👌👌body goal @ruthkadiri keep it up
  • judyaustin1🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 sexy
  • babybluesky001Wow i love this
  • jenniferusidameY the nudity?
  • mercynjidekaI no like this one at all, abeg no fget say u b African
  • pettilicious_vicabaeAm cool with it, if it makes her happy #nicely
  • holardoyeenNollywood and indecent dressing,😱😱😠
  • glo4sure86Yummy @ruthkadiri
  • ruthbenmaliSo ur body sweet like Dix!!!!!!!! Chai girl ur body is gold
  • guyvalentineWot a banging body
  • diriltingyyIndecency, we r still in africa oooooo
  • houseofveeregYou are hot bae
  • diamond_aluedekudos ruth kadiri… I guess u have achieve ur aim. it a pity dat at this stage of ur life in nollywood this what you can come out with. as some of ur fans said if u are happy with it.u cud actually go naked if going nude makes u happy. my dear ruth u shudnt be doing breaks my heart.I have always known u as one decent actress
  • houseofveeregPeople should please learn to mind their biz n keep critics to theirself biko sister ur opinion is not needed thank you
  • awa_kankuOmg what have she done that have taken away her decency,too much fake people in this world when other people do it in the west the same people are ok with it and say they are doing it for money but when our own people are finding there money too doing what they should do people have a problem about it smh
  • mmasinachiofficialIn your imperfection God perfect all the concerns you Bae of life! Me ♥you plenty
  • kellschiWhen u see something u don’t like u take a bow and pass or u unfollow if it makes u sick. Let GOD be d judge. I comment my reserve😜
  • marvyzinny👏👏👏👏👏…so beautiful… I love @ruthkadiri.
  • van.kaaraWhat we are waiting for now is ur sex video.i love to see it how ever it cost.Shame on the men who date this whores.They make our world a bad place.Ladies cover what u cherish and lets pay heavely to want to see that.#shameonnudennakedladies.
  • harrytwinkle@van.kaara bros chill.. That’s how they put food on their table.. Don’t hate
  • fagbem@van.kaara why are you this pained😂😂😂.. so obvious you want that body if at all you’re a lady, stop being judgmental😕😕
  • bella_gold41You rock girl.I love your swag..shut up all you old schools who can’t mind your damn business
  • pat_speaksWow!! U r be-you-tiful
  • realprincessachoMost people that talk shit hide behind a private account
  • oyinndahmolahYa’ll are here talking and exchanging words, guess what?? It’s not gonna move miss Ruth, you know why ? Cause she’s doing what she loves and making her self happy. I don’t know if any of you critics know what it feels like to archive you goals or dreams at an early age, So instead of you wasting your data and typing gibberish why don’t you save it and either ignore or unfollow no b by force them beg you to follow them. You guys should pls mind your business cause tomorrow it may be you and am sure you might me saying “oh no never I can’t do such” but when the time comes you will do worse .#goodnightlovebirds#
  • livv_daveDamn lady… This is lovely😙
  • woffyshineU just nailed it girl. Keep keeping on cos d world will hear u
  • aww_neniaBae bae miiiii❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️💙
  • edehstanleyHmmmm this is serious na Kim kardashian in naji !!!!!! There is God ooooo:::::
  • nike_sall@ruthkadiri I love this, more grace to you, long life, more wisdom, more fame, God bless you, you will never lack of money, God will guide you and protect you, enjoy your day
  • vivienne_fidelisNigeria’s only love to drop rude and harsh comments on successful Africa’s but won’t do same to the white.. learn to appreciate your own if not mind your business @ruthkadiri👍👍👍 I love your progress.
  • vitalisiykeSweet heart in the misdt of these harsh words i want you to know that you are so dear to me and i love you more even in times of imperfections.
  • prince_chinednhoNice body dear
  • andrewtonworioWow u are beautiful
  • badboylantaeSo someone posts a pic, then someone drops a comment, then u that so much have sense u became an advocate for Ruth and start insulting d person u feel is an idiot. That makes u both real idiots. Y’all think she’s not reading d comments? If she wants to reply them she will reply. Y take insults on behalf of a celeb who don’t give a fuck about u. She can’t even tell u thank u for defending me. Nope she won’t. But u here wasting ur time n mb defending her. Bunch of idiots. When will y’all stop fighting for celebs on social if they give a fuck about ur life. Or u think she will now follow back ask for ur account details. U like her, fine. Another person don’t like her, fine . stop crying more dan d bereaved. So if u were Ruth u gone kill urself cuz some miscreants drop a negative comments on ur post..y’all IG warriors pls get a life.
  • chikelulorritaNice stature, if you dnt like wht u see, go hug transformer.

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