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Engagement Ring Shopping Tips For Couples

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Engagement Ring Shopping Tips For Couples

engagement ring shopping tips

Traditionally, a man goes engagement ring shopping alone and surprises his woman with it. More and more couples are however breaking away from this norm as shopping for a ring together gives the feel of being a team. The biggest pro of choosing an engagement ring together is that both of you can be involved in the decision making and below are tips on engagement ring shopping together as a couple.

Have A Game Plan: Since you are both individuals with different tastes, it is important to have a plan before you leave for the store. It won’t harm to have some guidelines in place when going engagement ring shopping together as a couple. Buying a ring when you aren’t ready (or worse, leaving without one) may create conflict later. Make sure the both of you have a conversation before you go shopping for that engagement ring in order to make it as pleasant an experience as possible.

Have A Budget: Engagement ring shopping as a couple is only one part of the wedding itself, so it is good to have a conversation about what you plan on spending on an engagement ring. Many couples don’t feel comfortable talking about money but avoiding issues as importance as finance may only make the whole experience get awkward, frustrating or end in misread expectations. You don’t want your fiancée finding out you can’t afford a particular ring in the presence of the salesperson neither do you want her feeling she is straining your financially. Presenting the jeweler with a previously agreed budget would make it easier and quicker to choose, it is a fact that any reputable jeweler will respect your wishes and make the experience perfect for you both.

Take Your Time: In choosing your perfect engagement ring, there is never a rush. You don’t have to select the first option you are presented with; this is putting unnecessary pressure on yourselves. Finding the perfect engagement ring can sometimes take a long process and if you are lucky to find it on the first day, then great. As a man, exercise patience if your fiancée is being picky and indecisive because this is an important accessory for her so give her the freedom she needs. Let her make her pick only when she has browsed through other options and is sure that her connection to the first engagement ring is still strong.

Keep It Fun And Romantic: The business of going engagement ring shopping together should be a pleasant and romantic experience for both partners. You can create memories during the shopping like talking, laughing, holding hands and even kissing to add to the shared experiences of your love story. Once the engagement ring shopping is no longer seeming fun, know it is time to leave and check back another day or take a needed break. Remember that this is a great life moment and you don’t want to ruin it being frustrated or having an argument.   

Shopping for an engagement ring together as a couple is a great start to your happily ever after, it can signify how you will be making many decisions as a unit in the near future.

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