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You won’t believe how simple this style is!

Honestly it’s so easy and comes out so beautifully that you go begin dey wonder. If you’re a DIY lover like me or you’re just someone that likes to try new things, read on for how to make crochet braids yourself!
Things you’ll need
Marley hair
A wide tooth comb
A rat tail comb
Latch hook or bobby pins
Perm rods or flexi rods

A night before you start ( or more) take perm/flexi rods and curl the marley hair. You might have to detangle with the wide tooth comb.
Soak in hot water for ten minutes and remove.
Leave it out to dry till whenever you want to make the crochet braids.

Start by weaving your hair in a braid pattern
Create centre and side partings by weaving joining two cornrows at desired point
After weaving, grab a curled piece, insert tje latch hook under a cornrows starting from the back.
Open the latch hook and attach the curled piece of hair.
Pass the hair through and knot twice.
Continue till you finish the entire head

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