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How You Can Apply False Lashes Like A Pro In 4 Easy Steps


How You Can Apply False Lashes Like A Pro In 4 Easy Steps

Many women complain about having trouble applying false lashes and we understand that starting off, application can be so tricky and frustrating. In these step by step guide, we have attempted to simplify it all for you with the best tips and tricks for a seamless application.

Step 1: Remove Lashes 

Carefully remove your lashes with a pair of tweezers from the lash tray. Handle them from the lash strip. You may also use your fingers to gently remove them depending on whichever method you are most comfortable with.

Step 2: Lash Fitting

Place the lash strip across your natural lash line. With a pair of small scissors, carefully cut off any excess that goes beyond your natural lash line.

Pro Tip: If the lash strip is longer than your natural lash line, the lashes will not sit properly on your eyelid and they will look off balanced.

Step 3: Glue On

Apply glue evenly along the lash strip with a toothpick. Wait 20-30 seconds for glue to get tacky. Waiting is a MAJOR key for better, cleaner, and easier application.

Pro Tip: Lash glue that comes with a brush applicator works just as well. It ensures a smooth, even application. Again, whichever method you are most comfortable with.

Step 4: Lash On

 Gently place the lash strip on the center base of your natural lash line, then continue to the inner and outer base of your natural lash line. Use your fingers to slightly press along your lashes lash line to secure the lash strip.

Pro Tip: When placing your false lashes on, position the false lashes coming down on to your lash line for a precision application.


Inner Corner

Outer Corner


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