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Antonia Ally And The HOW Foundation Organize ”Leadership and Mentorship Seminar for Youths”


Antonia Ally And The HOW Foundation Organize ”Leadership and Mentorship Seminar for Youths”


Antonia Ally and The HOW Foundation have organized a charity event themed Leadership and Mentorship Seminar for Youths on October 8th 2016, for Secondary School Children.

In an Interview with Dayo Odubanjo, Antonia also talks extensively about the Foundation, what they stand for and why Youths need to attend the Charity event

1. Hello Antonia, Please tell us a little bit about yourself

My name is Antonia Ally, I like to consider myself a creative person, caring and hard working.

 2. When did you start your Foundation?

 The foundation started in January 2016, the founder decided this was a time more than any to give a more personal assistance to the causes that he finds dear to his heart. The moment after that meeting I was already preparing the documents needed to set up a charity foundation, here we are 10 months later, still a long way to go, but we are getting there.

3.Who does your Foundation cater to?

The foundation caters to humanity, but more specifically our causes are focused on:  educating Nigerians on the possibility of the eradication of malaria, raising awareness on prostate cancer and removing the stigma behind open discussions and also we develop schemes in which we empower youth.

4. Tell us a bit about running your Foundation?

We started in January 2016, So it is still relatively new, I keep thinking, this time, 10 years from now, I would be looking back and the situation I am in today. I run the foundation based on volunteers, we are a non-profit and very particular about transparency at the moment I am doing alot of the organising and admin work but we are slowly transitioning some of the volunteers to full time staff as the word is going round.

5. What else are you involved in aside from running The How Foundation?

At the moment, running the foundation takes up most of my time, but I still like to research other foundations and keep up with what they are doing.

6. You have a Charity Event coming up soon, tell us about it.

The event is a Seminar for young Adults, titled “Be the Best”. We have a UK based motivational speaker, Joshua Ajitena. I first heard Joshua speak when I was in University, I took his details and knew one day I would need him to repeat the same experience at home. So Joshua would be coming down to address the kids and encourage them not to be disappointed by environmental factors but to believe in themselves and their passions and work hard to achieving whatever they want to achieve.

7. Who are you expecting to attend the event?

We have invited some young adults through their Secondary Schools, so we are hoping they would be present. It is focused on young adults between the ages of 14-21.

 8. Are you open to people contributing to The How Foundation, if yes, in what ways?

Of Course, The major contribution we seek at the moment is time and interest. We are open to volunteers. There is nothing more valuable than time. So at the moment we would love for people to reach out and show interest in volunteering, under any cause they can relate to, passion is very important so we love to have people that love people.

9. What’s the Mission and Vision of The How Foundation?

Our mission is to create a sustainable strategy where we can impact and empower Nigerians with knowledge and resources towards a better future”. Our vision is to seek to create, implement and constantly improve sustainable programs that will build a future where we can encourage a better quality of life. We at The HOW Foundation make it a priority to evaluate our goals and objectives, we aim to ensure they are realistic and achievable, this is to ensure we and those around us can feel “measurable results”:


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