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(AFWN 2016 Special) Nike Kay-Okunubi – ”I Like A Lot Of African Designers Because I Get Inspired To Continue What I Do”


(AFWN 2016 Special) Nike Kay-Okunubi – ”I Like A Lot Of African Designers Because I Get Inspired To Continue What I Do”


Meet Nike Kay-Okunubi, the creative director of Niki Kay who will be showcasing her designs at the AFWN, Africa Fashion Week Nigeria 2016.

In this interview, Nike talks about her fashion designs and showcasing at this year’s edition of the AFWN.



Why did you decide to become a fashion designer?

I have quite a passion for fashion, I’ve loved it for a long time and even when I was in other jobs, I found myself sketching ideas as a hobby. I thought why not go into it as a full time career. There’s nothing better than doing a job that you enjoy so much.

How did you start fashion designing?
I started with rough sketches of my designs many years ago. Years later, I told myself I should give it a go as a business and so, In 2013, I enrolled at Nobel Afrik fashion school to learn more about fashion. I did a brief spell there and thereafter started my own label.

What do you enjoy most about designing clothes?
I enjoy the whole creative process the most. Putting ideas on paper and merging lots of ideas together. It’s quite a thrill finishing a sketch. I also enjoy seeing a design in its finished state. It gives a feeling of achievement.


What’s the most challenging part of fashion designing?
The most challenging part would be coming up with new and creative designs that are wearable, haven’t quite been done and that makes one stand out from other designers.

Which fashion designers inspire you the most?
I like a lot of African designers because I get inspired to continue what I do.

How will you rate the Fashion Industry in Nigeria right now?

I’d say we are growing at quite a fast pace though the recession in the economy at the moment isn’t helping. But we are growing and we have the potential to have lots of our designs in major cities around the world. We just have to keep at it.

Does your work reflect your personal fashion style? Can you describe your style?

To an extent, my work does reflect my personal style but then I have to remember that I’m not creating clothes for just me but for a wide range of women so I edge out myself a little bit and give room for other ideas as well. My personal style is modern, classy, sometimes a little daring and edgy…think a modern day African Carrie Bradshaw.


Have you showcased at previous editions of The Africa Fashion Week Nigeria? If yes, how will you describe the experience?

No I haven’t.

How excited are you about showcasing at The Africa Fashion Week Nigeria 2016?

I’m quite excited. AFWN is a big platform to showcase my new collection.

What should guests expect from you at The Africa Fashion Week Nigeria 2016?
I don’t want to let the cat out of the bag yet so I’ll just say expect a lot of style, class, colour, mixes and silhouettes that are quite interesting, wearable and distinct.

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