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(AFWN 2016 Special) Colours of C.U.E – ”Give It A Few More Years And The Nigerian Fashion Industry Will Be A Force That Goes Beyond Our Borders”


(AFWN 2016 Special) Colours of C.U.E – ”Give It A Few More Years And The Nigerian Fashion Industry Will Be A Force That Goes Beyond Our Borders”

Ayo Ilori

Meet Colours of C.U.E Couture, one of the many Fashion Designers who will be showcasing her designs at the AFWN, Africa Fashion Week Nigeria 2016.

In this interview, The creative directortalks about her fashion designs and showcasing at this year’s edition of the AFWN



1. Why did you decide to become a fashion designer?
I’ve always loved dressing up, fashion, styling, entertainment, beauty and business. . . Initially, I never thought I was going to become a fashion designer, it just kind of stumbled on me.
I’m quite chubby so while shopping for clothes then, I could hardly find the perfect fit. Clothes were either too tight at the hips or too loose at the waist. I was constantly tweaking my clothes to make them fit better and look different. I fell in love with the process and One day I decided to go learn how to sew so I could produce all the designs in my head.
At the time, I was only interested in making items for my wardrobe. . .Soon after, I noticed how people were always interested in my outfits and wouldn’t let me be until I made theirs. This sparked up the business side and led me to transform the hobby into a business.

2. How did you start fashion designing?
I basically started sketching ideas I had in my head, I had learnt to draft patterns and tailor, so it was quite easy for me to transform the ideas into garments and tweak them into better versions of my sketch.
While rocking the pieces, people were often intrigued by the pieces and would request for duplicates. I often indulged and before I knew it, I needed help to meet up with orders and requests.

3. What do you enjoy most about designing clothes?
I enjoy the process. Having an idea in mind, figuring out how to make it wearable and suit your present environment or target user, producing the idea as a garment, testing it, getting honest reactions from folks and seeing your creation beautify another person such that it gives them joy.
It’s all so fulfilling, I can’t explain it. . . It does take a lot of time and effort but in the end, it’s always worth every second. . . It’s my therapy.

Ayo Ilori2

4. What’s the most challenging part of fashion designing?
Fashion Design is time consuming and only passion can fuel it. . I get very detailed with my pieces and each detail requires multiple hours.
Secondly, trying to balance my artsy ideas with what’s wearable sometimes poses as a challenge. . . but not as much a challenge as finding ideal, skilled workers that can assist in production.
Workers that are calm and detailed enough to deliver on your pieces as much as you would, seem to be a herculean task these days even with the multiple training and incentives offered to them.

5.Which fashion designers inspire you the most?
I’m inspired by a number of fashion designers but the top 3 on my list would be Elie Saab, Valentino & Vivienne Westwood.

6.How will you rate the Fashion Industry in Nigeria right now?
The Fashion Industry in Nigeria is a virgin ground, still growing with a lot of room for improvement, structure and expansion. It’s a more functional Industry now thanks to the senior personalities that worked to improve things.
We’ve got the population, we’ve got the talent and the drive, we just need more vehicles to balance things up. Give it a few more years and The Nigerian Fashion Industry will be a force that goes beyond our borders.

7. Does your work reflect your personal fashion style? Can you describe your style?
To an extent it does.
I’m the kind to focus on a certain detail, exaggerate it and tone down the others. I love BLACK, Bold Colours, Prints plus some skin showing here and there. I always go for comfort and try as much to ensure my statement is made effortlessly.
My pieces tend to reflect a subtle edge, showing off skin, daring cuts, exaggerated details and fun prints whilst giving the wearer adequate comfort. I like for the pieces to do most of the talking for the wearer.

8. Have you showcased at previous editions of The Africa Fashion Week Nigeria? If yes, how will you describe the experience?
Yes, COLOURS OF C.U.E showcased at AFWN 2015.
It was a fun experience with some publicity. . . I got to meet other designers, network, rub minds and even collaborate. It truly is a great platform, one to be considered yearly.

Ayo Ilori1

9. How excited are you about showcasing at The Africa Fashion Week Nigeria 2016?
I’m pretty excited. . . I can’t wait for my pieces to grace the runway.

10.What should guests expect from you at The Africa Fashion Week Nigeria 2016?
COLOURS OF C.U.E would be unveiling the new collection called Romance. .
Expect to see very fluid, sexy dresses. Décolletage, Sheer, Trains, Blush Tones, Rose Quartz, Hand Painted romantic pieces and more. . . We are super excited!!!

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