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(AFWN 2016 Special) Bankole Thomas – ”Designing Gives Me A Reasonable Level Of Fulfillment And I’ve Been Able To Successfully Do It Without Struggling”


(AFWN 2016 Special) Bankole Thomas – ”Designing Gives Me A Reasonable Level Of Fulfillment And I’ve Been Able To Successfully Do It Without Struggling”

 Bankole Thomas
Meet Bankole Thomas, the creative director of Bankole Thomas who will be showcasing his designs at the AFWN, Africa Fashion Week Nigeria 2016.

In this interview, Bankole talks about his fashion designs and showcasing at this year’s edition of the AFWN.



1. Why did you decide to become a fashion designer?
Because Designing just makes me happy, gives me a reasonable level of fulfillment and that’s what I’d been able to successfully do without struggling .
2. How did you start fashion designing?
Started from the love of colours and the sense to combine them well. Right from my college days, I will go get fabrics and explain to a local tailor how I want it sewed.
My style became so different and my friends just wanted the same, so I will go to the market, get same fabrics and then tweek the designs. Fast forward I started sketching and that was how it all began.
3. What do you enjoy most about designing clothes?
Procreative ability , it’s called Asah in Greek which means to create something out of something.The ability to get inspired by God and see the effect on humans
 Bankole Thomas1
4. What’s the most challenging part of fashion designing?
I believe style is an expression of a person, style is very personal, style is an experience.I always want to treat every client as a different experience and this can be very hectic
5.Which fashion designers inspire you the most?
 Giorgio Armani ,Tom ford, ozwald boateng etc
6.How will you rate the Fashion Industry in Nigeria right now?
 Still grown but a little above average
7. Does your work reflect your personal fashion style? Can you describe your style?
Yes, my style is Confidence, territorial and volume.
Bankole Thomas2
8. Have you showcased at previous editions of The Africa Fashion Week Nigeria? If yes, how will you describe the experience?
This is my first time.
9. How excited are you about showcasing at The Africa Fashion Week Nigeria 2016?
 So excited that when I’m awake, I’m thinking about her, when I’m sleeping, I’m also thinking about her.
 10.What should guests expect from you at The Africa Fashion Week Nigeria 2016?
 An amazing show.

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