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(AFWN 2016 Special) Anita Beryl – ”Our Esteemed Guests Should Expect, Luxury, Very Lovely And Elegant Pieces From My Collection, A Bit Of Sexy Too”


(AFWN 2016 Special) Anita Beryl – ”Our Esteemed Guests Should Expect, Luxury, Very Lovely And Elegant Pieces From My Collection, A Bit Of Sexy Too”

Anita Beryl1

Meet Anita Berylone of the many Fashion Designers who will be showcasing her designs at the AFWN, Africa Fashion Week Nigeria 2016.

In this interview, The creative directortalks about her fashion designs and showcasing at this year’s edition of the AFWN


1.Why did you decide to become a fashion designer?
I decided to become a fashion designer, because it was the only way I could do the one thing I love the most in this world and make a living out of it, and while at it, get to serve other people and share my ideas with the world.
2.How did you start fashion designing?
I started as a little girl who was obsessed with being different, I loved to dress up and didn’t have much so I re designed a lot of my clothes to create something new, it was fun, and I did that for anyone who wanted, as I grew older I learnt that I could do this for a living, so after college I went to fashion school to get professional, and right after I launched my brand.

3. What do you enjoy most about designing clothes?
I enjoy so much sketching that is the way I offload my ideas and then the ability to bring those ideas to life, out of mere plain straight fabric, is a dream come true for me.

Anita Beryl

4.What’s the most challenging part of fashion designing?
,Hmmmm that would be , trying so hard to create gorgeous and high end pieces at low prices, like every client would love.

5.Which fashion designers inspires you the most?
That would be my favorite, elie saab, zuhair murad, and Carolina herera.

6.How will you rate the Fashion Industry in Nigeria right now?

I think that from research, fashion is high rocketing in Nigeria, I don’t live in Nigeria, but there are so many extremely talented designers and they do create super amazing stuff, I do respect the Nigerian fashion designers.

7.Does your work reflect your personal fashion style? Can you describe your style?
I would say my work most times,reflects my style, my style is simple,clean cut, elegant, and sophisticated,

8. Have you showcased at previous editions of The Africa Fashion Week Nigeria? If yes, how will you describe the experience?

No I have not, this shall be my first time at AFWN, and am truly excited.

Anita Beryl2

9. How excited are you about showcasing at The Africa Fashion Week Nigeria 2016?
Oh very excited, looking forward to sharing my work with the world, and also getting to meet a lot of extremely incredible designers, from the different parts of the world.

10.What should guests expect from you at The Africa Fashion Week Nigeria 2016?
Our esteemed guest should expect, luxury, very lovely and elegant pieces from my collection, a bit of sexy too.

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