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A Quick Guide To Patent Leather Shoes: Rules For Wear 

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A Quick Guide To Patent Leather Shoes: Rules For Wear 

Patent leather shoes have been around for a while and are still very much relevant in the modern man’s wardrobe. Patent leather in basic terms is a coated leather that has a glossy, shiny finish to it and is mostly used for shoes and other accessories. They’re bonafide members of shoes in the bold league, so they’re perfect for any man that wants to make a statement. They give a perfect finishing look to Tuxedos but like every other shoe, they come with conditions of their own.  Here are a few rules to take note of before  buying a patent leather shoe;

Rules For Wear

▶️ They were made for formal wear, so don’t worry pair them with casuals. You should also refrain from wearing suit with shiny material on these shoes so you don’t end up with a blinding look. Choose shirts with colors that will nicely complement the shoes, and not compete with them

▶️ Decipher when it’s appropriate to wear your patent leather shoes. Although they are for really festive occasions – like when you’re the bridegroom or best-man, as well as other high brow events, be careful when wearing it to the office. Both sexes should stick with classic styles when wearing patent leather in the office and save the Oxford patents for truly special events. Due to the shiny nature of their coating, getting scratches on them could ruin these beauties because the scratches would be obvious – another good reason not to wear them too often. You’ll really need to watch where you are  going in these shoes.

▶️ They’re actually pretty easy to take care of, and if they get a bit dirty you don’t need to polish them up like other leather shoes. To care for them, take a clean cloth and rub them with just a small amount of mineral oil or petroleum jelly and to get rid of scuff marks or color error, dab Q-tip or cotton wool into nail removal and wipe the stain gently. Be sure to treat the entire shoe, not just the scuff, so the finish remains evenly shiny. Just how we like it!

▶️ While it might seem so, patent leather is NOT waterproof. It’s actually a coated leather, so don’t go and start feeling fly and wear them in the rain or puddle riddled environs.

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