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8 Eye-popping Ways To Wear Hair Accessories Like Never Before

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8 Eye-popping Ways To Wear Hair Accessories Like Never Before

Yellow-Sparkle-Headband hair accessory fashionpheeva

It is easy to neglect hair accessories when dressing up but truth is that a simple hair accessory can embellish the hair without being obvious. Gone are the days when hair accessories were only limited to hair band or a pin and clip, there are different types of hair accessories out there you can try. Find some tips below the different ways you can use hair accessories.

Metal Head Band

Metal-Head-Band hair accessory fashionpheeva

For this, something simple that runs around your forehead would do. It is especially good to decorate that bun!

Bow Headband

bow head band hair accessory fashionpheeva

Katy Perry looks effortlessly chic and stylish with the bow headband. For this, simply tie your hair back and let the band do the enhancement.

Indian Style Crown Tikka

Indian-Style-Crown-Tikka hair accessory fashionpheeva
This works better using diamond/white crystal coated crown tikka and is suitable for open hair and preferably longer tresses to accentuate the beauty.

Bandana Headband


bandana headband hair accessory fashionpheeva

Want to give your look a hippe feel? The bandana styled headband is what you need or for a casual day out with friends type of look.

Sparkle Headband

Yellow-Sparkle-Headband hair accessory fashionpheeva

A very versatile look that can be worn in different ways, wear it like the way shown here, or pull it around , across the forehead and tie it at the back of the head.

Thin Gold Headband

Thin-Gold-Headband hair accessory fashionpheeva

A simple but elegant piece, make sure you do not combine it with other shiny accessories.

Bow Clip

Bow-Clip hair accessory fashionpheeva

A high half up half down style can be easily enhanced by a simple bow clip which blends with the attire.

Tiara Headband

Tiara-headband hair accessory fashionpheeva

For a regal look or wedding day feel, a tiara headband is what you should go for.

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