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6 Style Risks Every Lady Should Totally Take This Year

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6 Style Risks Every Lady Should Totally Take This Year

Style is all about pushing the boundaries and being different with your choices. It’s that little or big extra that you add to an ordinary look and If you don’t walk a step ahead, you’ll most likely fade into the background. Get out of your style comfort zone by embarking on these style risks this year.

Sparkle and Dazzle

Some people say that sparkles belong to the night. However, this rule is worth bending. In fact, it is one of the most daring fashion risks to take. Shine bright by wearing sparkly dresses, metallic hues or glittery shoes next year.

Wear a Dress over your Top

The dress over shirt style is one of the bravest and stylish fashion risks to take, as it can help you express your love for two unique styles of clothing.

Waist-Cinchers Flatter

Waist cinchers are here to stay and thay why you should be totally willing to take this style risk. It flatters an ordinary looks and can make your boring outfit have a wow effect. So invest in these trendy items and take on the cow-girl poise when donning a pair.

It’s a (Mis)match!

If your usual outfit are too boring for your look, you don’t necessarily have to buy a new pair. All you need to do is think of the many fashion risks to take. One good example is the mismatched pair.

It’s A Black Affair

This season if it isn’t the all-black look, then it isn’t right—at least according to some of our favorite designers and bloggers. Although this the most scary fashion risk to take but also the easiest and most glamorous.

Love At First Pleats


For any occasion, your first thought might not be to wear your pleats. But if you want to delve with ingenious fashion risks to take, then go with pleats instead. There are lots of hues, cuts and fabrics to take you from your work time to an hangout with friends and also for your sassy nighttime events. The best thing about this trend is that you don’t have to suffer. With pleats, you can dance the night away – and still look pretty!

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