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5 YouTube Videos That Will Inspire You to Do Your Own Box Braids 


5 YouTube Videos That Will Inspire You to Do Your Own Box Braids 

Box braids are a no-brainer when it comes to protecting your strands against harsh temperatures, mainly for their ease and longevity. While we typically leave haircare to professionals, DIY braids are something we can get behind. A search on YouTube for ‘how to do your own box braids’ and it quickly becomes apparent that lots of women are doing this protective style themselves. In many of the videos, women mention the cost savings and having control over the entire process as their main reasons for doing them at home. Maintaining hair health while wearing protective styles is imperative and being able to fully control the tightness of braids makes this option sounds very attractive. There’s also the impressive bragging right of saying you actually did your braids yourself. To help you start, or consider, the process we’ve rounded-up five YouTube tutorials.






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