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5 Common Style Myths Guys Should Stop Believing Today

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5 Common Style Myths Guys Should Stop Believing Today

At one point or the other we have all heard one or two of these style myths and some of us have even believed them. In this post I am going to be debunking these myths and giving you basic facts that you should follow instead.

Every Man Must Own a Suit

suits fashion pheeva

This is supposedly fashion’s golden rule so this might be a bit controversial. However remember that the rule is that there are no rules.Never feel like you must get a suit if you don’t need or want one. If you do ever need one, even only once in a blue moon, then get one. But personally, I’ll wait until the need arises.

Suggested substitute: “Every man who needs a suit should own one.”

You Have to Dress to Impress

jim iyke white outfit fashion pheeva

This advice makes sense because you often find yourself in situations where you want to impress someone. But when you have to dress to impress, you need to look inside the minds of others to discover what will impress them. And most often, you don’t know the people you want to impress well enough to do this. So instead of dressing to impress, how about you dress to express? Dress to express the best-possible version of yourself. Be the best you that you can be, and let them all take it or leave it.That shows confidence, which is the most attractive quality to wear.

Suggested substitute: “You have to dress to express”

Style Is All in the Details

Black-Suit fashion pheeva

I have to admit that there is some element of truth in this myth because the details do matter. However focusing on the colour of your socks and the fold of your pocket square does not mean you are getting it right. You have to know things like how to match your clothes, proper fit, contrast and a whole lot of other stuffs. Details can transform an outfit from good to great, but they can’t transform an outfit from bad to good. If you’re wearing a bad outfit, getting a few details right won’t save you.

Suggested substitute: “Style is all in the overall look, but great style is in the details.”

 You Should Wear More Color

red suit fashion pheeva

The truth is I kind of agree with this one. Your wardrobe shouldn’t look like the set of a black-and-white movie, adding color is a good idea. You are not competing with the rainbow so wearing too many bold colours at once is a capital NO.  Some neutrals and two or three signature colors is plenty. Just vary the lightness and darkness to maintain contrast and you’re good. You only need one color to make an outfit pop but you can wear two or even three, if you know how to color-match. Just don’t overdo it, and only one bold color max.

Suggested substitute: “You should wear colour more often.”

You Gotta Keep Up with the Trends, Bro!


The truth about this is that trends are overrated. Being trendy and being stylish aren’t the same. You can be up on all the latest trends, but still look like a jackass. The classics should come first because no matter what comes in or out of style, you can rely on them to keep you looking sharp. And when you rely on being trendy, you’ll be chasing your own tail, trying to keep up.

Suggested substitute: “You got to stick with the classics!”

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