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4 Tips On How To Correctly Remove A Blackhead From Your Skin


4 Tips On How To Correctly Remove A Blackhead From Your Skin

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We all hate blackheads as they are sort of the bane of our existence. The feeling to pick at it grows every time you look in the mirror, and those pore strips can only do so much. Extracting it is the only logical option left, but there’s a certain art to the technique so that you don’t end up red all over, or worse, with broken capillaries.

1. Begin by cleansing and exfoliating your skin, then steam the area to help knock the blackhead somewhat loose.

2. With clean fingers, apply even pressure to either side of the blackhead until you see movement and the sebum starts to come out on its own. You’ll want to space your fingers far enough from each other so that they effectively remove all of the gunk under the surface, and keep re-positioning them as you work your way around the area.

3. Be especially careful around your nose, as it is one of the most sensitive areas on the face.

4. Once your skin tone in the area of extracting is even, you’ll know there isn’t any sebum left in the pore, and that it appears clean. Finish with a swipe of toner to clean your skin, and to help close up the pore.

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