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4 Things You Didn’t Know Could Fade Your Hair Colour


4 Things You Didn’t Know Could Fade Your Hair Colour

Under normal circumstances, your fresh-out-of-the-salon hair colour should last you at least 3 months but certain external factors can cause your pristine hue to fade fast. Some elements aren’t so unexpected—take the sun, for instance. Other factors that trigger serious fading, however, aren’t so obvious. They may seem unassuming, especially when posing as products within your very own shower, but they can wreak total havoc on your hair colour. Read on to see four factors that could be causing your colour to fade prematurely.
Tinted Oils or Serums

Though that super-rich argan oil has a glorious sienna tint when poured into your hand, it could be the reason your blonde is starting to tip toward the brassy end of the spectrum. Any orange oils that you put on your hair will turn your hair orange, for both blondes and brunettes. Clear and translucent oils are the way to go. Since it comes out clear, you know it won’t alter your hair colour. Also, keep a close eye on how far the perimeter of the vitamin C serum for your face spans. When it makes contact with your hairline, it can give blonde and white hues in particular a slight tangerine filter.
Hard Water

How hard or soft your water is has a huge impact on your hair colour. Soft water is always better for your hair and skin—you save a ton of product because it emulsifies better, so you don’t need as much shampoo or body wash. A lot of hard water has chlorine in it, which turns your hair green.

Incorrect Products

Not all colour-preserving products are made equally. Though you should always go for a sulfate-free option, you’re going to want to get a recommendation from your stylist on exactly what to use, rather than entering your shower blindly and lathering up in a formula that isn’t colour-safe. Your colourist should either be selling it to you on hand, or giving you a recommendation, because you’re not going to use the same thing on a blonde as you would a brunette.
Alcohol and Silicone

Pay close attention to the ingredient list of your hairsprays and serums in particular. Be careful of any products that contain alcohol, as well as anything that has silicone in it. A lot of hair serums have it because people think it makes your hair shiny, but it doesn’t. Silicone puts a seal on your hair, so you end up with a lot of buildup, which can make your colour look dull.

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